– What is Ayes, why this name? AYES is an added value Consultancy Firm. We were born and came together as a team of engineers with experience in the field of consultancy and an unrelenting passion for the Industrial Sector. Today we have the critical mass to properly and efficiently serve our Customers. Our name, Ayes, is the word used to vote yes in English speaking Parliaments. We believe that it transmits our positive philosophy and attitude. SAY YES, SAY AYES!!!!

– How did you create it, for which purpose? We identified a need in the market for a consultancy company specializing in the Industry Sector. Therefore we created AYES with the objective of fulfilling this need and bringing added value to our Customers. Many of our competitors come from the Information Technology Sector, so they use that approach when managing people and activities. However we believe that consultancy in the Industry Sector deserves a specific approach based on its unique characteristics, which do not exist in other sectors. We always have on hand new technologies, different application fields and very specialized people to cater to the individual needs of this field. You need to be at the same time very flexible and highly specialized. You need a technical structure, with very competent technical directors, but you also need very young and motivated people who know the status of art and who can bring new ideas for problem solving. You also need a good dose of creativity because sometimes the services and projects you are asked to develop are not standard. This way you can really go over and above for your Customers. I have been working for big companies in the past but there came a time when I felt that context was too small for me, while in Ayes, which is a smaller company, I still see a lot of room for growing. It’s a matter of values. Our first priority here is not based on pure margin, neither the fights for internal power, nor the label on your business card or the size of your office. Our first objective here is to bring added value to our Customers. I am pretty sure that there is always room for improving on this. That is our purpose.

– What are the skills of your team, how did you create it? The skills of our team are very varied allowing us to cover an extensive set of needs. We have 3 big “families” in our team: the Mechanical, Electrical and Electronical/Software Engineers, with different seniority. We have a Technical Department capable of taking the lead of projects when our Customers require it. We are able to attract the best candidates thanks to the interesting nature of our projects and also the care we put into selecting and motivating our team. We treat them in the best possible way from a personal point of view and we also have a high salary and benefits policy. However the most important element in attracting and keeping motivated our team is to give them the opportunity to work on interesting projects and provide them with area to grow every day. That is how we create the skills of our team. Moreover, we have partnerships with universities and we have an internal training program called AYESchool. Some weeks ago a young Engineer from our team, who has worked for Ayes since 2016, told me that the first 2 years in AYES has been like taking a second degree for him, in terms of learning. I perfectly understand what he meant.

– What are the services you propose? We can offer our Customers numerous skills related to Analysis up to Validation, going through Design, Development, Modeling and Validation, Integration, Process and Production, Technical Documentation, RAMS Analysis and Project Management, for example. Our main application fields are Automotive, Aeronautics and Space, Railway, Pharma and Medical Device, Internet of things, Telecoms, Marine, Food and Energy.

– Who are your clients? What do they get in touch with you for? Our Customers are usually first tier companies from the Industrial Sector. We can work for them in Italy as well as in several other European countries due to our current international expansion. We offer them both technical and management skills. Usually they get in touch with us thanks to internal references or thanks to our engineering network. We also meet potential Customers through exhibitions. However last but not least, our commercial team does a great job.

– What makes you different from your competitors? We are totally different! We are AYES. And you can feel it.

– Are there elements of your brand identity you especially would like to focus on? We have an agile approach, we are innovative in our business model and we are Eco Friendly. However most importantly, I would like to underline the care and dedication that we put into selecting and keeping our team motivated. We can provide a great opportunity to Engineers who want to experience the exciting world of consultancy and we are also open to giving young Directors the chance to launch our operations in other Regions and Countries. There is a lot to do and a lot of opportunities inside Ayes. We are convinced that if you really want to do something, you can do it!!!

Hope to see you again for the next step. Thank you very much!