Swiss start-up created in 2014, The Ground Up Project offers its partners to start… from the group up. By positioning itself in sustainable finance, a lucrative and fast growing sector, the company provides expertise and support to investors and companies who plan to start and grow their capital. What are the main lines of this uncommon start-up ?

The Ground Up Project : a concept

The Ground Up project was born out of an observation: there are no company or marketplace dedicated to supporting sustainable investments. Around the world, for whether small or medium-sized businesses that create sustainable products and services for their community or the planet, there is no structure that allows them to increase their capital and target their investments. The very dynamic sustainable finance market has reached 12 trillion dollars in the United States and 22 trillion euros in Europe, yet lacks a broker able to connect entrepreneurs with funds. This sustainable broker is The Ground Up Project, which contributes to building a sustainable future by connecting the most relevant players in the sector. The role of a collaborative actor is, in the eyes of business leaders, key to maximizing the impact of the market, whether in the public or private sector. Meeting sustainable challenges requires certain coordination and a strategy that The Ground Up Project offers.

A start-up supported by cutting-edge expertise

With decades of international experience behind them, The Ground Up Project team members Brindusa Burrow and Steve Rocco give it a special aura. At the same time strong of their assets at the highest level (through the World Economic Forum, in banking investment or even sustainable businesses) and driven by a commitment to a sustainable future, the founders of The Ground Up Project prove they can bring cutting-edge expertise to their partners.

Thanks to SGDs (Sustainable Development Goals, developed by the UN and adopted in 2015), it is possible to work from an overview of sustainable investments made in the world. Using the SDG benchmark, it becomes very easy to see the gaps waiting to be filled and the impacts needing to be worked on. The Ground Up Project then intervenes to assess areas and sectors specific to investment and to orient companies.

Partners and solid objectives

Connection between investors and companies, The Ground Up Project stands on reliable and recognized partners : local or international organizations, entrepreneur hubs, universities… represent the main core of partnerships aiming to meet the best entrepreneurs and understand their needs in capital term. Once the selection has been made, the best small and medium-sized enterprises are put in touch with entrepreneurs looking for this type of collaboration.

In this sense, the start-up plans to consolidate and increase partnerships with organizations directly linked to relevant entrepreneurs. The Ground Up Project, which has consolidated its expertise in investment brokerage expertise, plans to develop its network of investors in order to increase the effectiveness of the financial investments offered.

By aiming for a leading position in sustainable brokerage in the countries concerned by the SDG directives, The Ground Up Project intends to support and optimize sustainable investments by making them easier, more systematic. In this sense, Switzerland, a country with a highly developed ecosystem of sustainable businesses, represents fertile ground for a long-term vision.


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