The award-winning startup is the Insurtech subsidiary of the Swiss insurance company Pax, Schweizerische Lebensversicherungs-Gesellschaft AG. With its Simpego platform, launched in mid-2017, and its car insurance scanner Simpego Snap, and thanks to a highly efficient technology that was developed entirely in-house in Basel, Creadi AG radically transforms the customer experience. Day by day, the team explores simple and effective digital alternatives that allow users to subscribe an insurance policy with just a few mouse clicks, on a very transparent and flexible basis, and to most attractive prices: a very welcome goodbye to long and tiresome forms, hidden clauses and bad surprises.


Independence as a key to success

Though benefitting from its parent company, Creadi AG remains fully independent in its operation and free to move. The team includes various insurance experts who used to work at Pax and bring a high level of experience in the insurance industry. Other members of the team, such as Clemens Bachmair, CTO, or Oliver Johnson, CMO, were new to the insurance world, and brought their expertise in digital matters and a new, refreshing take on things. « Our goal was to re-think the insurance world and to build new business models, » explains Désirée Mettraux, the CEO, specialized in insurances and in digital matters. The startup was founded in October 2016 and has achieved great things within a short period, offering its customers the best results for minimum effort. It all takes just a few clicks, but behind the scenes, these clicks involve new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning: the search engine keeps on perfecting itself with each new request.


Tailor-made contracts

The Simpego platform provides a wide range of insurances – car insurance, home insurance, travel, photo equipment, sports, events, pets, golf, apartments, health. Within that panel, the customer chooses what he needs, and nothing more: everything is modular and fully transparent. The offer is constantly upgraded to meet the needs of the customers. Creadi AG works closely with a range of prominent Swiss insurers, such as the Europäische Reiseversicherung (ERV), Coop Rechtsschutz, Epona, Vaudoise, Dextra Versicherungen AG, or Baloisedirect. The platform compares different products and picks the most suitable one. Users can conclude their contract directly online, and cancel it any time they wish. All documents are available online, a copy is sent by email.


Simpego Snap, a sweeping turn in car insurances

The Simpego Snap scanner software received the prestigious DIAmond Award at DIA Munich in 2018. This well-deserved international breakthrough fills the team with pride. The software allows users to find the best car insurance by only uploading a photo of their driver’s license. Simpego Snap scans and analyzes the data contained in the picture, runs them through the search engine, which then comes up with an appropriate offer. Artificial intelligence leads to personalized results. Personal data is fully protected, and the search engine is strictly impartial: if not in the capacity of providing the most attractive offer, it will say so. The whole process only takes a minute and requires nothing more than to take a picture, which can be done at any time of the day and from any location. Soon, other options will be added, such as scanning one’s insurance policy, to compare it with other existing offers.


On these grounds, many doors can yet be opened: « Our world has changed a lot, and it’s just the beginning. » In the future, the company wants to establish new partnerships with the best insurers worldwide, to further develop the range of its offerings, and to keep providing the best support to its clients.