This tool that makes investment advice easier and faster is a small revolution for financial advisors and investment banks around the world.

In September 2014, Alberto Rama, former UBS, Julian Köhler and Maurus Fries, two former Credit Suisse employees, decided to give an answer to the following question: “How can banks guarantee that they sell the right products to their customers anytime and anywhere? ». Together, they created Investment Navigator, a tool that allows private banks, asset managers and financial advisors to automate the product eligibility assessments before advising clients on an investment. Using advanced technologies, the Swiss start-up, which today consists of 16 experts, offers unambiguous automated and customized solutions based on the various regulations, product data and needs of the financial institution. The result: the error-prone manual workflow is transformed into a smooth and safe process, consulting is accelerated and the risk of regulation is significantly reduced.


Financial institutions must comply with product regulations and restrictions, and consider the tax implications for their clients. Alberto Rama, CEO of Investment Navigator, said: “We enable financial professionals and their clients to become much more efficient. Rather than conducting a two-week study to ensure that you are allowed to promote a particular investment in a particular part of the world, and to identify the restrictions imposed by fund companies and the taxes in force, our tool gives you the green, yellow or red light in one minute to advise clients in an optimal way on their investment or sale. »

Indeed, the artificial intelligence algorithms created by the Swiss company do an enormous amount of in-depth learning on the legal documentation of the European and Asian investment fund universe, making Investment Navigator the number one ally for financial advisors, thanks to its two divisions located in Zurich and Singapore. Quality service, time and money savings are qualities that all financial market participants are looking for.


Investment Navigator is a cloud-based solution that provides secure access and does not need any sensitive customer data. Users located in Switzerland and Hong Kong can use the online platform free of charge sponsored by leading fund houses. Customized solutions, or if companies prefer, an interface directly into their IT systems, can be provided. In all cases, the user experience is optimal: simple to understand, each field to be filled in has explanations and many details about the funds, and once the context of the client has been filled in, guidance is automatically generated, with the possibility to see product details, suitability reasonings or to find similar investment ideas.


Customers and prospects are unanimous: Investment Navigator is currently the only provider of detailed investment readiness assessments. The way in which the client’s context is combined with investment product data and current regulations is based on an proprietary combination logic. And the start-up has not yet had its last word: next year, solutions for new asset classes could emerge: equity and bonds will certainly also be integrated into the tool. The incorporation of new international markets may also be on the agenda, as the relevance of investments is a daily challenge for banks around the world.

With free platforms sponsored by recognized asset managers, Investment Navigator also offers tailor-made solutions for financial institutions and independent asset managers. A company to keep in the quadrant!