Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, Exoscale is developing at the regional level to offer to application developers servers close to home and easy to handle.

Exoscale was founded in 2011 in Switzerland with the aim of providing a simpler user experience for application developers. At the time, there were two possibilities for the latter to host their application, i.e. to put the data of it on a virtual server. Use a provider like Amazon Web Services, powerful but expensive, and especially very complex with about fifty different services offered. Or turn to hosters such as OVH, which offer very limited possibilities in terms of support. Exoscale intends to offer a credible alternative to these two options with an easy-to-use cloud offering and a solid support.

Servers in the heart of Europe

The first two years of existence were devoted to product development, launched in 2013. The next two years helped to refine and stabilize the product, thanks to feedback from the first local users, at a time when Snowden’s revelations urged web hosts to increased security. A simple and efficient offer, aggressive prices and the location of the company’s servers in Switzerland (Geneva and Zurich) convinced many users. At the heart of Europe, Exoscale’s servers offer reduced latency and the great protection afforded by Swiss data protection legislation. In 2015, on the occasion of a first fundraising, Swiss telecoms giant Swisscom Ventures entered the capital, allowing the company to densify its communication and to become leader on the Swiss market.

A strong regional presence

Very quickly, the founders of Exoscale realized that convincing users outside Switzerland would be more complicated because they wanted to benefit from a cloud server near their home. For issues of latency, legality, but also trust — it is understood that one prefers to know his data near home. The Swiss startup has therefore changed its strategy to develop local servers and become a European player. A second fundraising resulted in an agreement with A1 Telekom Austria Group, the Austrian telecommunications company with international ambitions. This new partnership has allowed the creation of two new data centers, one in Vienna, the other in Frankfurt, the European cloud hub. Exoscale finally aims to create four new servers in the coming months, in less well-covered areas, to continue to increase its regional presence.

Progressive growth

Using Exoscale allows you to create a cloud server in less than a minute and increase capacity as your needs grow. With an intangible principle: the user pays only what he consumes. A solution that has already convinced more than 10,000 users around the world. 60% are creators of applications and software publishers, 20% are SME and 20% are large companies taking advantage of big data to engage in machine learning processes. Exoscale servers are compatible with the General Data Protection Regulation and are very secure. Ten major European laboratories, such as CERN and CNRS, have already chosen the Swiss startup to place their data, the latter having executed more than 10,000 servers on their behalf. Evidence that the services offered by Exoscale already compete with the sector giants.