The Swiss company Anerdgy does not only develop renewable energy production systems, but integrates them into global development projects that combine functionality, design and energy.

Anerdgy was founded in 2012 by its current director, Sven Koehler. He is a Manager who has an extensive experience for having worked for many years for Alstom, the French giant of the railway
industry. He moved to the energy sector – recently sold to General Electric – and took over the implementation of new plants and operating units. This position brought him to the four corners of the globe and that he eventually left to start his own business based on his international experience, his two degrees in engineering and economics and his position as Chairman of the Housing Association. He wondered how to produce renewable energy differently in an approach that combines design and layout. Energy and aesthetics Anerdgy’s goal is to support the energy transition  y going further than its competitors. To do this, the company has expanded its reach by collaborating with the owners and includes many professional profiles within it: R & D specialists for mechanical and electronic development, civil engineering experts, an architect and a visualization expert. Sven himself has experience as Chairman of a Board of Directors of a housing association. Hence, the projects carried out by the Swiss company must enable construction stakeholders and promoters to achieve their goals in terms of energy production and aesthetics.


Modular solutions

Sven and his associates have developed different products to meet the needs of their customers , but all are based on a series of unique modular components, such as the automotive industry (with different components). One example of a flagship product developed by Anerdgy is the (MRE)” whose acronym is “Multifunctional Roof Edge”.As the name implies, this device is placed on the edge of flat roofs. It is composed of two slightly inclined voltaic panels which allow to capture the sun rays. Being modular, it adapts to the appearance of the building and can offer further functions rather than the production of energy. The space underneath the panels can be used as a storage (for example ,to hide the air conditioning) and allows easy access to electrical installations.


Multiple uses

But the project does not stop there. In addition to producing more energy than comparable buildings with a conventional photovoltaic roof, MRE allows a diversification of uses. The rest of the roof can be designed to create a living and sharing space. The roof of the building can be made terrace, garden and even kitchen garden. It is infact protected from the wind by the panels and well exposed to the sun. In addition to solar energy, the wind can also be expoloited through a hybrid version of the MRE which incorporates a small wind turbine between the two photovoltaic panels to further increase energy production. 


A company with a future


Thanks to modular solutions and a turnkey service, Anerdgy has already conquered the Swiss, German and French markets. A first project was born in France: the Opac 38 residence in Voreppe, Isère (photo). Besides the MRE for flat roofs, the company also offers solutions for pitched roofs, such as the B-60.


This system combines solar panels and a double wind turbine located at the ridge of the roof, and which changes orientation according to the wind . These different systems make it possible to obtain energy autonomy and participate in the necessary transition of the energy within the building.